Prom Payment Instructions

Make sure you add your payment confirmation number to the order form. You will receive this upon checkout. Have your child turn the order form to the photographer.

1) Choose your items and add it to your cart.

2) Type your Email... (please note) Shipping Information...Type your address...All orders will be delivered to the High School. It will ask for your shipping address regardless.)

Upon Checking out, you will complete an information form.

(please note)This form is also used for School Photos. Please follow the instructions below for the Prom Photos.

3) Fill out:

School Name...Type: Reed High School

First Name and Last Name...Type your child's name

Grade...Choose the "Prom" Photos

Teachers Name...Please type "Prom"

Background...Choose "Prom"

Add any Notes necessary.

4) Add your credit card information.

5) Review and Purchase

Thank you very much for your order!

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